Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Every Step Forward is a Good Thing!

The picture above has been a HUGE encouragement to me of lately! 
Being a "heavy" person is not easy.  Even when you lose 56 pounds, pictures tend to bring into perspective the truth of the matter.....but the above picture reminds me that I've done something amazing in 12 weeks! I have changed my life! I am alive! 
Here are some pictures through my journey....some are painful reminders of who I was...and some are still painful reminders of how far I have to go...but that is ok! I'm making progress!
This is one is hard for me to look at.  Though I know I have lost weight and inches I'm still heavy...I can't wait until next year and see the progress I have made! 100 Pound weight loss here I come! <3 p="">

Here is the Lee clan! all 26 of us! 

This is picture is from Tim's graduation.  May of 2011.  It's probably when I felt the worse in my life.  I was completely stressed out.  My body hurt no matter what I did.  I have no idea what I weighed here but I know it was A LOT! I'm thankful that three years later I am almost pain free...losing weight and dress sizes!

This is Easter 2014...just a couple of weeks before starting my Whole30 Journey.  I am beyond thankful that God answered my prayers....

This is from the Lee Family Vacation! This is probably one of my favorite I can see the weight loss! But, it still reminds me how far I have to go! This day we did a hike....I wasn't able to go down to the swallow falls (to be honest I didn't try since I had hurt my knee on the stairs going down) but I kept walking on the trail and came to this pool and small waterfall.  My Sister in Law Kim took the picture and I'm glad she did....That shirt is a size smaller than what I had been wearing and I haven't worn those pants in years....My tummy is my biggest problem area but it is slowly melting away! 

I have had amazing support as I go through this journey! I will be making some changes in the near future but It will be whole30....just my protein will be a little different ;) 

Thank you to all of those who have been encouraging to me one way or another! I can't tell you how much your constant comments, private messages, text and phone calls mean to me!

I am blessed beyond measure!

With Much Love,
Ann Marie