Friday, January 8, 2010

Update Number One...2010

Today is the first day that I am officially starting my life changing moment!

I am going to do my best to be rid of the many things that are harming my body by the end of this month! but my realistic goal is by March :)

Today for Breakfast I had
glass of OJ (Tropicana with lots of pulp)
Vitamins (Multi Vitamin for women, Iron, Calcium, and B12)
Bowl of mixed veggies

So far so good...we shall see how I do around 4pm! that's one of the hardest parts of the day for me! Must stay busy!!!

I will be going to the gym tonight to walk on the treadmill :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tomorrow is the day....for real!

Tomorrow is the day….

The day that I officially go full force in changing my life…with God’s help of course…and my husbands…and my family’s….and my friends…and YOUR help as well!!!

As a young teenager trying to understand the emotional roller coaster, trying to do right, doing all that I could (well maybe not all but mostly all that I could) to lose weight…it was no where in sight. I know you have heard my story more than once. If not, just scroll back a few blog entries and you’ll see it for yourself. It’s something I couldn’t come to grips with. Doctors telling me if I would lose the weight I wouldn’t have this problem or that problem. And yet, it wasn’t me losing the weight that was the issue. This year I will turn 30. 30 does not scare me. I take it on like I would any other birthday. What frightens me, is never conceiving. I mean, if God never wanted us to have a family, then that’s fine, it would be tough, but He knows what is best for us. I know as a Christian I should do all that I can to stay healthy and do right. As I researched this PCOS that a friend told me about I remember tears pooling in my eyes. My heart beating faster, my fingers searching the screen, and the moment I KNEW this is what I’ve been struggling with. PCOS to some is just a name that is used when they have no explanation of what it could be. This term was tossed around in my teen years, and even my young married years. No one told me anymore about it other than I was “insulin resistant” and needed to get onto some exercise regiment. Well dear dr, who has spent years upon years, in and out of college, how does one do this when they have no energy? How does one do this when their iron levels are in the single digits and the simplest chore such as folding clothes makes you want to go and lay down and take a 3-4 hour nap? Oh Iron you say? I should pump myself full of iron…..

So that is what I felt for over 17 years. I had no control over my moods, emotions, feelings, strength, and pretty much my life! I had no answers, no explanation other than I was fat and needed to be on a “diet”. July of this year I started my new way of “dieting”. I had found this blog and from this blog, I was introduced to a new world of eating. Mckmama, as she refers to herself, made me feel “normal”. She would love for her family to eat nothing but wholesome, fresh, no preservatives, natural food but well then life happens, and she has a bunch of little ones that keep her pretty busy. So eating healthy, natural, and not fully of preservatives, is not possible all the time, but she has so much great information on her blog! And then I found this blog. She refers to herself as the Spunky Coconut. Boy does she have quite the challenge. She HAS to eat healthy or her family will suffer as they all have allergies to certain foods. So I look at these two families, and though they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, I know that if they can do it…I can too! I don’t even have children so it should be easier right??? Lol

So today…Sunday, January 3, 2010 I state that I am going to do all that I can to eat “right”. I am on day 21 of no soda! The craving is not as “strong” as it once was but it’s still there….

I had already planned on starting January 5, 2010 to start my healthy way of eating. I will be taking the unhealthy items out of my daily diet and replacing them with the healthier way. I know what some of you may be thinking but in July and August of 2009 I got a small taste of what it’s like to eat organic, raw, whole foods and I felt sooooo much better! I’m not going to go too crazy and become a tree hugger or anything. Though you may find me hugging a coconut tree cause of all the goodness it holds for you and all but other than that I’m just trying to get rid of what is harming me. I will enjoy life, I will find a new love for food. Trust me, I’m not going vegetarian or anything…not that, that is bad or anything, just not me! I actually have to learn to love veggies. I like them but I have to learn to want them. Tonight, my goal is to sit down and make a “what Ann can eat” and my menu for this week. My goal this week is to walk one mile 3 times a week. From there I will up the amount and the times. Sooo…if you are on board and want to be part of my cheering squad…please check up on me. Please pray for me…please ask me whats new…and if I haven’t blogged in a while…tell me I need too. I may not like you at first (big grin) but I will always be thankful….

So its to a new me….