Wednesday, August 5, 2009

14 days ago?!?!?!....

Wow thats the last time I blogged?!?!?!

Well I promise that if I really had the time I would have! I wanted to but I was so exhausted!

Well, We left Monday July 27th at 4 am and from that point on, that whole, eating healthy, making right choices, doing whats good for my body, losing a few more pounds...yep it didn't flew out the window with sleep and sanity!

I did eat a salad here and there, TRIED to make a few good choices, but when you get up at the last minute, run out the door, work at the conference, listen to 4 hours of preaching, have time to grab something to eat, work more booth, and get home by 12pm eat bad bad bad food and go to bed, then start all over...yup that was my week...pitiful!

Yes, I gained weight, am retaining water and get to start that whole "detoxing" myself from sugar, refined foods and such. I'm excited though! I joined the Gym yesterday so heres to tons of cardio! YAY!

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