Wednesday, July 22, 2009

32 pounds later!!!!

Oh my! I got on the scale last night....well I'll be honest....I bought a new scale (its a weight watcher scale its originally 35 and I got it for 19 lol) and had to try it out! So anyway, I got on it and have dropped another 2 pounds!!!! I can't believe it! I'm not always "good" but I try my hardest.

God really has given me such great encouraging friends. The students at the dorm (for those of you who don't know, my husband and I are dorm parents at our college) even say "don't eat that your cheating" lol. Nothing like having such good friends who want me to succeed!

Last night I grilled a steak. It was soooooooooo stinkin good! I marinated in a olive oil, walnut oil, tamari, garlic, spike seasoning, mrs dash and black pepper! Oh man it was so yummy luscious!

Today i had another one of those yummy smoothies for breakfast with three hardboiled eggs...for lunch I"m having left over steak with salad, and for dinner I'll be having turkey burgers.....

So there ya have it....updated....not so shabby!

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