Thursday, July 16, 2009

Insert Something Clever here....

So I'm not very motivated to be creative lol...

I made almond milk this morning...very will be great for when I need some "milk". It kinda taste milk...but not really....I'm sure I'll try different things to see if I can improve the "taste". We shall see...

I'm on an endless hunt for recipes that go along with the "diet" I am on. I say diet because its easier to say than to explain that I'm on a No sugar, No flour, No dairy, No refined, No processed food way of so for now on its my "diet".

I've been super excited to find new ways of introducing healthyness to my lifestyle! I think its kind of like an addiction....I have a few addictions right now...

Hard boiled eggs with mustard
Turkey Burgers
Bison Burgers
Marinated Steaks
Fresh Fruit

Those are just a few to name....

Oh I forgot to mention in my last blog I'm down 30 pounds! What in the World! I had the worst week of my life last week and I still managed to drop 5 pounds...its still amazing!

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