Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Five....

Yikes, so Day five started out GREAT
Eggs for breakfast
Peach for snack
Chicken with veggies for Lunch
Fruit salad for snack
Then came dinner, I had debated all the way up to Port Huron, should I be good, should I eat the stinkin chicken wings, should I be good, oh the chicken wings sound so good, but ann you've been doing so well, but its BDUBS (Buffalo Wild Wings) so once I got there, I decided.....

Yeah I disappointed myself and Had 10 Honey BBQ chicken wings *sigh*

I felt horrible later, but Tim tried to reassure me and say "Honey its ok to have a cheat night once a week"....well thats fine, but its only gonna be once a month (Prayfully)!!

Other than the rough night (I hate peanut butter cookes, and chips and dip also, I know, I know, I'm just as disappointed in myself!)....
I feel good!
I started the day off with my new favorite breakfast/lunch food....Hardboiled eggs and mustard with pepper! Oh yeah...I'm serious....It was SOOOOOO good!
I probably wont update until Monday...but it was good! :)

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