Friday, June 19, 2009

Day Four

Ok So day four wasnt to bad

3 scrambled eggs for breakfast (of course the omega3 kind and organic!)
a banana for snack
2 brawts for lunch (this is probably not a good choice but its all I had)
a banana for snack
Chicken and Veggies for dinner (this was actually really good! I threw in a bunch of different veggies I had and let them simmer with the chicken so tasty!)
I made a fresh fruit salad and enjoyed that as my dessert

My biggest issue is late at night I get so HUNGRY! I mean not bored out of my mind hungry but literally my belly talks to me hungry! lol So I ate another banana with peanut butter which helped with the hunger but I sure was craving a cheese burger. I almost went to McDonald's but talked myself out of it....a few times! lol I need to make sure to buy some red meat this week for dinners :)

I am thankful for so many friends and family who have been supporting me. I mostly receive the support from my facebook page . The Lord has been so good to me. I continue to find strength in Him as I try and change my eating style.

I went for a long walk yesterday. I took rusty with me. I wish I had my camera with me. The one time I DON"T carry it around I miss such a great moment! As rusty was running around exploring so many things to see and smell on the Campus he found a water puddle. Those of you who know my rusty, you know he LOVES water. I guess thats what you get with a Lab! He plopped right in and started rolling around while lapping up some tasty cold water! I would usually get so mad if he did that because we are usually letting him out to go potty or something but since we didnt' have anything else to do that evening I went ahead and let him play! I'm telling ya, he really is like a baby! That dog brings so much happiness. He loves to just snuggle up to you first thing in the morning. I know those cute eyes are looking at me saying "Momma please don't go to work, stay home with me and throw my kong for me endless times!" :)

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